As much as we are led to believe that the good old US of A is always to the fore with new technology, on the subject of  using food waste however as a alternative energy source and unique contributor to Tillage farming they are very much behind us Europeans. As little as 2% of their food waste is recycled compared to 60% for waste paper.

Since 2009 the EU has banned the dumping of untreated food waste into landfill through its Landfill Directive, which has encouraged the opening of Compost Facilities and Anaerobic Digester’s  in Europe making the most of this unique valuable asset. The European Parliament has also called on the European Union to come up with ways to reduce food waste production, and it’s  MEP’s want 2014 to be recognised as Europe against food waste year.

Brown Bin Rescue has been in contact with Mairead McGuinness our Farming MEP in Europe on this issue and she is delighted that we are ‘ahead of the curve as she put it’  in our efforts to make this a reality.

However the USA is set to change its thinking rapidly in its struggle like all countries to find sustainable alternative energy sources. Unlike wind energy or wave energy the energy retrieved from waste food by way of a Anaerobic Digester in the form of electricity is not weather dependant, and works night and day all year round from that previously viewed as waste.

If you are interested in this subject matter at all or even consider working in the industry which is the future folks, then sit back and listen to this link to the Pod Cast of Mr Andrew Kessler a alternative energy industry specialist speaking on USA radio. Although about 35 minutes in length he explains in great detail, but making it interesting at the same time all the processes associated with waste food recycling and commends Europe for being so good at it.

NOTE! This Podcast has since been removed by Voice of America and I am trying to get another copy of it to post. In the mean time click on this link to see a video of the Anerobic Digesters role in composting and the work  Andrew ‘s company does.

As I have said before our Brown bins are vital to us in ensuring we can keep down the guaranteed increases in Landfill costs that will be passed on to households by private operators. So we must use our Black bins less and Brown and Greens as much as possible. The alternative is a 2 bin system and then we all pay heavily especially the environment.