Brown Bin Rescue reserve the right to cancel any customers order should there be a difficulty with a Supplier / Manufacturer failing to fulfill a product order. Customer will be offered an alternative product or full refund to their account. We are not responsible directly for the products themselves as they are guaranteed by the Suppliers / Manufacturers. Any issue with a product must be taken up with them directly by the customer. Any Aerated Caddy issues relating to Mattiussi who are not based in Ireland, will be addressed by Brown Bin Rescue. However we will endeavor to assist the customer in seeking a resolution with any problem that may arise.

Additional Order Charge

Any order over €27 in value is dispatched with FREE post & packaging, complements of Brown Bin Rescue. Additional delivery costs added to any order while shopping on line is annoying, which can and does cause a customer to cancel a sale. When a customer does order a product or products under €27 in value from Brown Bin Rescue, an additional charge of €10 is automatically added by default to cover the cost to us of post & packaging. For regular on line shoppers this reasonable charge is acceptable, and we have never had a customer seek a refund because of this additional charge. However when this charge is applied we always add additional product to make up the difference as fairly as possible for the customer.

Next Day Delivery

Brown Bin Rescue now use An Post’s Red Label Express Post postage labels. This ensures package will be delivered next working day from ‘Day Posted’. Dispatch will take longer on orders received after 4pm Monday to Thursday. Orders placed on a Friday through to Sunday will be dispatched on the Monday to be received next day on the Tuesday. Temporary stock outages will also affect dispatch, but customer will be notified of such instances.

Guaranteed Next Day Delivery

Brown Bin Rescue strives to ensure their customers receive their order on the next working day. An Post guarantees delivery for next working day only from Monday to Friday on orders dispatched by Brown Bin Rescue from Monday to Thursday. Only orders received before 4pm and in stock Mon to Thursday will be guaranteed delivery next working day.

Free Delivery Returns

Brown Bin Rescue covers the cost of delivery to their customers via An Post. Commercial charges for postage are much lower than that available to the public. Where a customer needs to return their product to Brown Bin Rescue they must advise by emailing us on and leaving a day time contact number. Brown Bin Rescue will post an ‘An Post’ commercial Red label to the customer with instructions on how to affix label etc. Once the product is received back by us in full and in good condition, a full refund will be made to the customer’s account, or goods exchanged for alternative product if customer so requires. If a roll of bags have been opened the remaining roll must also be returned. Any additional costs for upgrading to a more expensive product can be remedied by adding a postal order for that amount to the package to be returned.


Brown Bin Rescue does not operate the standard product first with invoice after system. We operate a Commercial Advance Payment Invoice system via electronic banking directly with customers account. Commercial customers must set up Brown Bin Rescue as a payee on their banking system, and factor in the payment time their accounts section typically takes to pay an invoice. Brown Bin Rescue on foot of receiving a stock order then issue an Advance Payment Invoice. Once payment is received by Brown Bin Rescue in full, then stock is dispatched within 3 days. Limited exceptions can be made to this policy.

Product Testing

Brown Bin Rescue is a company established in our home in Dublin in 2012. We use the very same products on offer to you ourselves to address food waste issues, in our kitchen and our Brown bin. Every product that Brown Bin Rescue offers the Domestic market has the guarantee of having been tested by us in our own home. We have trialed other cheaper products that are readily available but did not satisfy us as being of a good enough quality. The products we sell to the very demanding Commercial food industry, have at this point been well tested and approved from nursing homes to hotels across Ireland. However we still insist on all new Commercial applicants actually trial our products themselves prior to becoming a customer, satisfying themselves of the quality of the products.

Health and Safety


Any eye or prolonged skin contact with Enviro-Chem TM please wash with water as a precaution. For further advice contact Nova-Q Ltd: 01-2542276 / 126 or