Organic Produce.

Marlay Park Farmers Market is on every Saturday in Rathfarnam and Sunday is a much smaller offering but is continuing to grow I am happy to say. As a council run market all stall holders are vetted and subject to the most stringent of regulations as one would expect when dealing with food. Customers of the market many of whom are regulars especially on a Saturday come to get their Organic produce, meet with the growers of fruit and veg, and cooks and makers of all food types from freesh bread to Olives and oil, from fresh fish to Organic meat producer and butcher, and home cooked cakes to home made dairy free Ice Cream. Its the connection between growers and producers of real food and their customers, that makes Marlay such a success. The court yard is exclusive to food stalls on a Saturday with great good quality fast foods such as Pizza’s, Roasted Chicken, Tappa’s, Quiches and Sausage rolls, and lots more not forgetting the Juice and Wheat Grass stall even a coffee stall. In addition to all this quality and value in one of the restored shops within the courtyard musical instruments are restored, and in another one Irish Craft Lace and jewellery along with tasteful clothes are always in great demand too.

Crafts + 5K Run

Outside of the Courtyard you will find not just the Craft stalls but everything from Dutch Bicycles, to second time round books, to prints and paintings, and all the products you need to maintain and line your Brown bin from Brown Bin Rescues stall. Marlay market is always challenged by the weather more than any other due to its setting at the foot of the Dublin mountains, where the weather patterns can change at a moments notice from pleasant to really windy and miserable. But most of Marlay’s stall holders have learnt to brave the elements especially in winter, and as long as people continue to come from far and wide to enjoy the park and purchase food and useful items then the stall holders will continue to brave the elements and provide the goods. Over this summer a new addition to Marlay has been to 5K fun run every Saturday at 10am. Everyone from lean skinny runner to those wishing they were arrive before 10am and on the sound of the hooter run the 5K and the size of the crowd that turns up for this event is continuously growing. For those who are not so athletic or have very young family members to cater for then the family games section complete with Crazy golf, and fun size Chess and Draughts games are always a hit with big and small kids.


Apart from all that the farmers Market has to offer many come to Marlay park to walk with family and their dogs. Younger kids love to go feed the ducks, and older ones like to see the Peacock and other animals the park has to offer, not forgetting the fabulous Walled Garden. So all of this with free parking and a coffee shop to relax and enjoy it all from, should now make you want to pay it a visit and see for yourself a real Gem not 15 minutes from the city centre.

See you there.

Denis lawlor of for all your Brown bin supplies.Image