Commercial Kitchen Pedal Bin


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Commercial Kitchen Pedal Bin from Earth 2 Earth. Just €38.00

This award winning commercial kitchen pedal bin, was designed specifically for Food Waste in commercial kitchens. It uses the 45 Litre E2E Max Strength 15 kg and heat resistant to 70’ compostable bag to take all the Food Waste any busy commercial kitchen can throw at it. Watch Video.

  • Delivery charge free up to 30kg in Ireland.(Plus cost of packaging)
  • Has 2 clever notches to attach the bag without snagging the lid.
  • Standard Brown colour.
  • Just 2.2 kg in weight.
  • Easy wipe clean tough and durable plastic construction.
  • Designed for use with 45 Litre Max Strength E2E 15 kg compostable bag.
  • No need to line a Brown Wheelie bin when using this bin and waterproof bags.
  • Not available in retail outlets.
  • Brown Bin Rescue Customer Trialled, and Approved.

Out of stock

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Commercial Kitchen Pedal Bin 400.05mm – 15.75” (width) x 596.9mm – 23.5” (height) x 400.05mm – 15.75“ (Depth).

We are so excited with the addition of this award winning specially designed commercial kitchen pedal bin, to our commercial range of products. Having supplied hotels, restaurants etc with plant starch bags as were the only ones available, it was often difficult to match the bag to the bin in their kitchens. When Dublin’s Earth 2 Earth CEO approached us to evaluate their Natural Resin Max Strength and Heat Resistant Compostable Bags, that was exciting enough.

However when he produced this specific commercial kitchen pedal bin to complement their Max Strength Compostable bag, it just made such a difference for our customers.  Now we had a specific bin that really suited a busy commercial kitchen, and it had its own bag to complement it. This bin is light enough when full (15 kg) for one person to carry from the kitchen to the outside Brown bin.

Where a refuse collector restricts the amount of lose waste to go into a Brown wheelie bin, our commercial kitchen pedal bin bin and Max Strength Compostable bag ends that restriction. Because the food waste is bagged, the maximum capacity of the wheelie bin can be realised.

As these bags are waterproof there is no requirement to have to wash this commercial kitchen pedal bin out in between bag changes, or the wheelie bin either. Quick turnaround with no mess.

At just €48 (Of which €10 is for P&P) this fantastic commercial kitchen pedal bin is an essential integrated component of the Max Strength Compostable bag, and we have kept this cost to a minimum compared to what some other online companies in Ireland charge for similar.

Important! When Brown wheelie bins are used with this combination of commercial kitchen pedal bin and water proof Max Strength Compostable bag, there are no more spillages in an establishments outside yard.

Such food spillages attract vermin, cats and birds especially, which create their own problems when defecating on windows and yard of an establishment. Failte Ireland Inspectors will note such negative issues on any unannounced inspections too.

All these issues cost valuable time and money to continuously rectify, so STOP these issues arising on you NOW.

These compostable bags are not a cost to an establishment they can and do save the business owner money.

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45 Litre. 400.05mm – 15.75” (Width) x 596.9mm – 23.5” (Height) 400.05mm – 15.75” (Depth)




Tough Durable Plastic


No requirement to wash pedal bin between bag changes.


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