1 Years supply using 1 bag per day. 19 rolls / 20 bags per roll / 380 bags. Just 9 cent a bag. 5 Litre Mini (very small) Compostable kitchen sink top bag from Greensax. Bags detach easily from the roll due to clever perforations, are waterproof and have unique ties on top to seal the bag closed. Manufacturer classifies these as 5 Litre, they would fit inside a plastic butter spread container in actual volume.
  • Free Delivery. (Only on orders over €27)
  • EU Certified to EN13432 - Seedling and OK Compost logos accredited.
  • 100% Compostable Natural Waterproof Material.
  • Bags easily detached without tearing.
  • Unique Bag Ties.
  • Bags always to hand.
  • Brown Bin Rescue home trialled and approved.
  • Typically .35 to .50 cent lower per roll than retail outlets.