I have been seeking a meeting with Department of Environment,Community and Local Government Mr Philip Nugent Principal Officer – Waste Policy and Resourse Efficiency – without success, to discuss the impending legislation on household refuse collections which will see the introduction of Pay by Weight on July 1st 2015.

Brown Bin Rescue - Pay by Weight meeting! The legislation will be passed in early January 2015 but the changeover date to Pay by Weight will be on July 1st with no exceptions. This means that all households with current contracts with private refuse collectors will see those contracts SCRAPPED on July 1st and all refuse collections for Brown and Black bins will be billed by weight. The intention is to divert as much waste as possible from Landfill, and to insist on the brown bin being used to minimise the creation of Methane from rotting waste in Landfills.

This is as a result of the EU’s landfill directive to have member states comply with Landfill diversion, or be issued with serious financial penalties by the EU. Although this is very welcome news for households that have Brown bins as they will see their refuse charges reduced considerably by segregating their waste, thus only presenting their Black bin 3 or 4 times a year tops.

However for the households waiting to get their Brown bin or indeed for the households that use a kerbside bag for all their waste, they will see a significant increase in their refuse charges as mixed waste rates will be based on Landfill rates.

– Denis Lawlor CEO Brown Bin Rescue. 12 – 2014