The NLWA ran a Food Waste Challenge with 12 Households to try to reduce their food waste production by 38% and save £’s off their food bill too.

Reducing food waste ‘could save £50 per month’ [Loakes] Councillor Clyde Loakes, Chair of the NLWA, commented: “These amazing results make it clear that the average north London household could save a massive amount every month just by wasting less food – but we shouldn’t forget that the cost of wasted food stretches far beyond the home too. Waste disposal costs are also rising, making it more expensive for your local council to dispose of it, when the money could be spent on much better things, like schools and social care. That’s why we’re putting such an intensive effort into working alongside these valiant families who have volunteered to help us show north Londoners how to reduce their food waste.

“The Challenge aims to demonstrate just how easy it is to reduce the amount of food that is thrown away when you plan your meals, know your dates, get your portions perfect, get creative with leftovers and store your food safely. The average north London household could save up to £50 per month – just by wasting less food.”