It is coming into Spring again thank god flowers shooting up, grass needs cutting again, and the no so fragrant smell off  the city’s Brown bins and the flies will soon be back to haunt many householders.

Like it or not Food Waste has to be removed from our homes, and for those of you lucky enough to have a Brown bin service, YOU are in control of your rising refuse costs simply by reducing the frequency of presentations of your costly Black one.

I use the word ‘Lucky’ as it is not always in the refuse collectors interest to provide a Brown bin, charge less for its collection compared to the Black one, and then to have to  pay to have a licensed Food Waste facility to take it from them. If they have their own Food Waste facility then there is a huge saving in not having to pay for its processing, and the collector gets to sell the much sought after Compost at the end of the process.

So a two bin system can suit a collector much better,  however the householder is at their mercy for whatever they want to charge for the service now that its almost all privatised. The food element of the Black bin is still composted after the recyclables have been removed, however the quality of the Compost is deemed to be very low grade and with very restricted applications e.g. just for land reclamation.

Check out this link and scroll down to the bottom to the video section and look for the Guy with the hard hat thats Robert Llewellan from channel 5. However do not get confused with his claims that the compost at the end is used for farming as it is not, just a journalistic misunderstanding however the rest is true.

So treasure your Brown bin, do not let anyone take it from you and if you do not have one create a stink of your own and get one. How ?  Just log onto open the PDF on the home page right beside the ‘Buy Now’ button print it off and send to the Minister of the Environment Mr Phil Hogan