Brown Bin Rescue is delighted to offer its visitors the UK’s August edition of Love Food Hate Waste.

Top tip of the month

For stir-fries cut up the broccoli stalk like you would a carrot, into long thin pieces.  Julienne the broccoli stalk to go into salads. For dips cut the broccoli stalk up as you would celery or carrot sticks.

–  Sandra Prosser

For more clever ideas on how not to waste food, and be surprised with what you can do with what you thought was waste see Love Food Hate Waste’s special edition page.

Archive copy of February 2015 edition of  Love Food Hate Waste Newsletter.

Recepies on:-

Special Valentines dinner for two using food that would otherise have been thrown out.Insights into the amount of food waste discarded in the Uk and its source.

– Source W.R.A.P. Waste and Resources Action Programme.

Archive editions​:-

September edition of Love Food Hate Waste.

W.R.A.P. Waste and Resources Action Programme (U.K. non-profit recycling advocate)  is funded by all four governments across the UK and the EU and run programmes in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.