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This page is for young and old to help you learn about the Waste Food recycling industry,composting and recycling in general in Ireland today.

2015 has been chosen by the EU to promote Soil, to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of soil, for both food security and essential ecosystem.

So what is SOIL? watch this quick video on what soil is made up of.

This page explains to you what happens to your Waste Food from your table at home to your composter in your back garden, or into your Brown or Black Bin and onto a Facility to compost it.

Why not start your own Plastic Bottle garden and watch your food grow before your very eyes, even on an apartment balcony you only need time and imagination to grow food.

Also check out our Youtube channel for great video info too like this one just 2 minutes on Sustainability.

Planet Munchie

This is a new Irish Mobile interactive game for all kids young and old to use to encourage them to get up off the couch away from TV and although still using their mobile phones they learn to jump and do all kinds of physical activity. See video and click on to their facebook page. Game also encourages kids to drink nutritional shakes so a great way to use up spoiling fruit and veg.

Star Wars allies of Store Wars

Understanding what food is good for you, and not just eating what ever the Supermarket or Store makes you think you should buy is very important. This Store Wars Video. is brilliant at helping you understand that message, and is told in a really funny way with Star Wars stars as vegetables.


At the bottom of the page there is a quiz and the answers to the questions are somewhere in these links below. Mail us your answers and we will pick a winner every month. Good Luck!

Young Students and their teachers

Search ENFO your first port of call for information on the Environment in Ireland, presented in a fun way. Teachers watch leading environmentalist and sustainability adviser Tony Juniper argue that we must put a price on nature if we are to save it. Teachers see this page link from the EPA Environmental Protection Agency along with Duncan Stewart on helping students understand the need for recycling for CSPE, Transition Year and Leaving cert Year students.

Worms and baby worms

A child friendly lesson on Worms mating, check out this Master Composters Association YouTube link sponsored by ‘Stop Food Waste’.

Dog Pooh!

Dog pooh is fully compostable but not when collected in a plastic bag, only a compostable one. It can also be simply placed into your Brown bin. In Cork the dogs there never own up to pooping, watch this really funny video on 2 Cork dogs argueing over who did or didint do it.

Mechanical Separation Plant ( MBT for food waste composting)

The North West Waste Management Group in the UK built this state-of-the-art MBT ( Mechanical Biological Treatment ) plant. This plant incorporates a highly automated process for the recovery of compostable organic material and recyclables from un-segregated residual commercial and domestic waste (i.e. Black Wheelie Bin waste). Chucking everything into just one bin might be an easy and lazy approach to getting rid of waste from a household, however it works out a lot more expensive than recycling would as the charge for lifting / collecting Black Bins is much higher than the Free Green bin and the lower cost Brown Bin. The Black Bin typically contains 60% of food waste, and with this fraction removed and placed in the Brown Bin then the necessity to present the Black Bin is greatly reduced and so the household saves money.

Q. Do we have a Green Waste Recycling facility in Ireland and what does one look like?

A. Yes just watch this video from Enrich.ie in Kilcock Co Meath. Note the Brown bin in the video as Enrich intended to take in Brown Bin waste, however having spent €3.5 million on an In vessel plant to deal with food waste were unable to use it due to a lack of supply. This will change now with the publishing of the New National Waste Policy see ‘News / Campaign’ tab for PDF of document. Watch Video »

Sealed High Temperature Irish Supplied Home Composter

Check out this rodent proof Home Composter in action attaining high temperatues Winter and Summer, really useful for anyone who enjoys gardening and wants to make their own Nutrient Rich Compost really easy with no mess and 100% successful every time, now available in Ireland from Bio Finch. Watch Video »

Q. Don’t these Food waste centers stink?

A. Not modern plants, watch this video on an In Vessel plant in the city of Ontario Canada where it handles 60,000 Ton’s of Food Waste with technology sourced in Europe. Watch Video »

Q. But Food Waste has no value it’s just waste, so why bother separating it?

A. Food waste both Domestic and Commercial is a valuable commodity, and is in great demand as Nutrient rich Compost to condition the soil and reduce or eliminate our dependency on Petro Chemical derived Fertilizers. When Food waste is not separated in the home or workplace it must then be removed at the recycling facility through a process known as ‘MBT’ ( Mechanical Biological Treatment ). The compost retrieved from this source is of a lesser value both biologically and monetarily having been contaminated and cannot be used for agriculture. Watch this video on a typical MBT plant in action but note the Restaurant Food Waste has been separated, and it is that source of Food Waste that you see being used for farming as has not been contaminated. Watch Video »

Retention & processing of food waste on site

For Universities, Hospitals and Prisons that generate large amount’s of Food Waste the option to keep that waste on site, process it and use a nutrient rich compost end product to use on gardens or vegetable plots is now a viable option. At Mc Gill University campus in Montreal, Canada they use a machine called ‘Big Hanna’ to do just that. Watch Video »

Example of an MBT centre in the UK. (Mechanical, Biological, Treatment)

See truck loads of city waste being turned into recyclables and Compost. Visit New Earth’s Solution’s website’s media centre. Scroll down to the bottom of the site and click on the video with the guy with the Yellow hat on, for a good explanation of how a facility works and to see composting in action. But again the statement by the journalist that MBT compost can be used in Agriculture is not correct.

Can Disposable Babies nappies be recycled?

Yes they can as the contents are Compostable and the recovered plastic and absorbent fibres are in high demand by manufacturers. There is one factory in the U.K with 2 more to follow, and one in New Zealand. Watch this video from Knowaste in the UK on how its done. Also see a nappy and its contents composted in New Zealand with a company called Hot Rot, and even see a guy stick his nose in it. Thanks to sponsorship from HUGGIES® Nappies New Zealand to Envirocomp Limited, a percentage of disposable nappies can now be composted instead of going to landfill. This video shows how organic waste material can be transformed into compost. Nappies that were heading for landfill will now have another life in gardens, helping grow a cleaner greener future.


Exclusively for teachers of kids the EPA has developed a info site that has a special section for teachers to log into. You must be registered as a teacher by the Green Home team to access the Teachers Resource section. If you are registered as a teacher simply enter your Username and Password in the box to the right of the page. Login Here »

Can food waste be converted into electricity?

Yes Food Waste, Silage and Animal Manures can all be converted into Gas and Electricity through an Anaerobic Digester. Watch Video »

So to our Quiz. Yeah!!!

Quiz for kids up to 12 years of age. Hey There! Get a parent to help you click on this link for fun and games. Scroll down to the bottom the page to the Habitats pictures and put the correct Life Forms ( Animals / Fish / Frogs etc ) into their correct Habitat (Home).


  1. Name 3 Habitats.
  2. What Plants / Life Forms did you put in each Habitat?

Parents can help by sitting with the student and watch them get the answer for themselves. Send your answers to info@brownbinrescue.ie and a winner will be notified at the end of each month.

Quiz for Teen’s

From This Link to the ‘Big Pig’ Composter Unit try and answer the following:

  1. What type of process is Composting referred to as?
  2. What do the micro organisms need to break down the material?
  3. What source is needed to make the process successful?
  4. What Countries Recycle Babies Nappies?
  5. What do the letters M.B.T. stand for?

Parents can help too.

Send your answers to info@brownbinrescue.ie and a winner will be notified at the end of each month.

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