I saw this in Rathfarnam Dublin this morning as Panda were doing their Green Bin collection rounds. On checking the contents of a Green bin the collectors Panda were satisfied that the contents were of a non contaminant and compliant nature, and so affixed this sticker thanking the Householder for their efforts. Can only assume they did not collect the bins that were non compliant, and nor should they. Brown Bin Rescue welcome this development and completely understand the collectors need to ensure the quality of the recyclable material is to the highest standard.

Neither the Green Bin or the Brown Bin are actually Bins as we understand the term they are recepticales for holding recyclable materials are very valuable in this state, and have to be recognised as such and treated with care.

Brown Bin Rescue’s compostable kitchen caddy liners / bags will make this inspection on Brown Bin’s very easy for any refuse collector, as since the Food Waste is bagged in small 13litre bags they can easily be removed from a Brown Bin on collection day by the collector and inspected.

Can then be rejected for collection and household reported to the County Council for the non compliance, who then send out an inspector and if claim is substantiated can issue a fine and charge for the wastes removal.

Brown Bin Food Waste since the release of the New National Food Waste policy document By the Minister of the Environment, Community and Local Government Phil Hogan T.D.( see www.brownbinrescue.ie for full report ) on July 25th 2012 is now realised as a National Resource, and the Brown Bin is to be rolled out Nationwide across Ireland within the next 4 years.

see ww.brownbinrescue.ie for all the info on this under ‘News’ and in ‘FAQ’s’ and download your own letter to the minister to get your own Brown Bin.