Leitrim co.co. retains its Pay by Weight for Households, heralding it a real success.

In the Leitrim Observer News a report on Leitrim co co retaining its Pay by Weight for its Households domestic refuse collection, heralding is as a great success will no doubt be used by the department of Environment Community and Local Government (DECLG) to sell its planned introduction Nationally on July 1st 2016 to the rest of the country.

Philip Nugent Principal Officer Department of the Environment Community and Local Government.

Philip Nugent

DECLG announced recently that it will be deferring the introduction of Pay by Weight for all domestic refuse collection Nationally until July 1st 2016, however all domestic refuse collectors will have to be Pay by Weight compliant by July 1st 2015 or face revoking of their licences. DECLG’s Minister Alan Kelly informed many of Irelands refuse collectors last November 16th at AMCS’s facility through his Principal Officer for Waste Policy and Resource Efficiency Mr Philip Nugent that Pay by Weight was coming into effect on July 1st 2015 with no exceptions. Although expected by the refuse collection industry, the actual announcement giving only a very short lead in time to actually implement its requirements for households seemed extremely optimistic if indeed achievable at all. Leitrim co co on the other hand had piloted its introduction from December 1st 2014, and although DECLG suspended Pay by Weights introduction Nationally it permitted households already on such a scheme to continue to use it.

pay by Weight attachment to refuse trucks.

Pay by Weight truck

So Leitrim will be watched very closely over the next year to see how well its seen to work for them, and if it continues to be as successful as Leitrim co co declares it to be, then this will be of great comfort to DECLG when it insists on its implementation on July 1st 2016.

Denis Lawlor

Owner Brown Bin Rescue.