logo of Brown Bin Rescue, a caricature of a brown wheelie bin and tag line of, promoting it's use and securing it's future. This post is intended to highlight to Restaurants and Food Outlets, an exciting and practical new development in Food Waste Collection in Dublin.

Brown Bin Rescue and two more Irish companies coming together offering Innovative Solutions to Waste Collection in Dublin, it’s Segregation, and Reduced Group Rate Refuse Collection Discount, circa 20% for its members.

Issues affecting Food Waste collection in Dublin


Sea Gull ripping open a Black rubbbish bag on a Dublin Street.

Bag it and export it.

Dublin City’s restaurants and food outlets are having a tough time trying to reduce their ever  increasing refuse costs. Dublin’s streets are littered with the ‘Black Plastic Bag’ with its yellow  ‘General Waste’ sticker filled with mixed waste including Food Waste. When a Brown bin is  sought by a business that’s generating Food Waste from its refuse collector, it often proves to  be more  expensive than just presenting all waste as ‘General Waste’.



Thankfully many businesses do segregate their Food Waste in compliance with the 2010 Food Waste Regulations.

Commercial Compostable Kitchen Bin Bags

E2E compostable 20kg bag.



However restrictions on quantity of waste permitted in a 140 litre bin only adds further costs by way of additional bin lifts required to deal with the lost volume above the yellow line.

The Yellow line referred to is ‘Yellow tape’ applied to some Brown bins that can be seen on many of Dublin’s streets.

So when is a 140 litre food waste bin not a 140 litre, that’s when it has a restriction due to sloppy lose Food Waste that can spill when lifted, but still probably charged for as a 140 litre.


 So what’s new!

For the first time there is a Compostable bag that is clear, strong enough to hold food waste and is resistant to high temperatures.

Brown Bin Rescue can now offer restaurants and eateries a practical solution to resolving this ever increasing commercial mixed waste issue, reduce your operational costs and have you fully compliant with the 2010 Commercial Food Waste regulations.

             Our New fully compostable food waste bag (not a lightweight corn-starch liner)

Picture of a new type of compostable bag that can hold heavy weight .

Strong 15kg Lift

1. Can hold weights of up to 15kg (Health & safety weight limit)

2. Is heat resistant to 70’ (Suitable for hot soups)

3. Is made from renewable natural materials

4. Is Certified to En13432

5. Is Designed specifically for commercial kitchens

6. Comes with award winning pedal operated bin



           With food waste already bagged there is no need to

Picture of a compostable bag full of food in a wheelie bin

Full capacity of wheelie bin achieved.

1. Line a Brown wheelie bin

2. Wash it out after collection

3. Maximum capacity per wheelie bin lift is achieved.




This is the solution to successful food waste segregation and collection in your commercial kitchen, even with limited space.

                             Waste collected, regularly and cost effectively. 

                                                                        Pay As You Go.

Circa 20% reduction in costs + just €9 for a 240 Litre (not 140) Brown bin lift.

Brown Bin Rescue has sourced Thornton’s waste contractors as the best Waste Food collection operator, whom have partnered with ‘We are Dublin Town’ to have Dublin’s streets cleared of bagged waste regularly and cost effectively. Thornton’s Recycling Ireland and facilities management company Aramark Ireland were selected to provide the Dublin Group Waste Scheme, following a competitive tender process.

Thorntons waste recycling logo Unlike most of the Refuse Companies I contacted, Thornton’s Waste really value Food Waste and have  their own Commercial Composting centre at Kilmainhamwood in Co Meath. They offer excellent rates to restaurants and food outlets who can supply good quantities of quality food waste.

Thornton’s supply 240 litre Brown Bin’s as against the other company’s 140 litre ones. When used in conjunction with Brown Bin Rescue’s strong Compostable bags, full use of the 240 litre capacity can be made.

Logo for we are dublin town group waste scheme in DublinWe are Dublin Town.
We are Dublin Town, the collective of 2,500 businesses in Dublin city centre, on October 2014 launched  a new Group Waste Scheme for city centre businesses, promising to cut waste collection charges by up to  20%, while offering businesses greater control over their waste management service.

The new Dublin Town Group Waste Scheme will cut the average cost of collecting a standard bag of waste to €1.85, a saving of around 20% on the current average cost.

Dublin Town CEO.

Dublin Town CEO Richard Guiney added: “An average retail unit in Dublin centre will currently spend around €500 per annum on waste collection services, while a restaurant will spend up to €2,000 per annum. There are significant savings to be had when businesses come together and negotiate discounts on a group basis – based on our estimate, if 1,000 businesses were to participate in the Scheme, this would translate to an overall potential annual saving of €1 million. We urge businesses to check out the potential savings to be had and to get in touch with our office to sign up.”

Businesses can sign up to the DublinTown Group Waste Scheme by logging on www.wearedublintown.ie or by contacting Dublin Town directly at 01 633 4680.

Your Brown Bin Rescue Solution.

Adopting Brown Bin Rescues solution to your commercial kitchen food waste segregation and bagging issues will ensure you have a cleaner safer kitchen, with a measurable food waste mechanism in place and a clean presentation of food waste on bin day.

Picture of a Sea Gull ripping a Black bag apart

Clever Gull’s but filthy street’s.


1. Full capacity of a 240 litre Brown bin lift
2. No washing out of Brown bin after collection
3. No lining of a Brown bin required
4. Support of 2 refuse collectors dedicated to retrieving your waste and reducing your costs.



Note! An empty Brown bin can easily be carried upstairs from a shop’s basement and the leak proof compostable bags deposited into it on bin collection day. Waste ownership is identified by the electronically chipped Brown bin. Any concerns over unwanted dumping of waste into a Brown bin prior to or after a bin collection can be addressed by fitting a gravity lock to the bin, so it only opens when being emptied by the refuse truck or by bin owners key.

                                  Picture of Denis Lawlor owner and founder of Brown Bin Rescue.ieSo Call Me

Contact Denis today for a personal call to your business and let’s get your costs down and food waste sorted.

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