Yes the Compostable bags do indeed feel like plastic and are manufactured in a similar way to plastic, but the essential difference is that Plant Starch a renewable resource is used, and this is what makes them break down in a specified time and return to Carbon Dioxide and Water. In fact plant starch is used to manufacture a huge range of Compostable products like Burger Boxes, spoons etc so all packaging for keeping your takeaway Hot can be Compostable. So all of the waste generated in a fast food outlet, even straws if were sourced as Compostable products could be put in with the waste food bin, even from the bins on the customer side of the outlets floor area. Here are two links to sites that explain the structure of plant starch, the first is an Australian company and the second a USA site will expand to show you the full range of products available.

This next USA link is to a company called World Centric which supplies Fair Trade Compostable products.