No not anymore E.U. regulations now require all Refuse Collectors / Landfill Operators treat Black bin waste before it is Land-filled to stop Methane production e.g. smells at landfill site and stop the water it produces ‘Leachate’ from damaging the Environment and our water table. This process is known as M.B.T. (Mechanical Biological Treatment). Remember there is very little that can not be recycled from your Black bin, and the fraction that cant is processed and sold abroad as fuel for Cement kilns.

Food waste is best separated at source e.g. in your Kitchen in an Aerated caddy, and is then a very sought after product. Watch this video of an MBT plant in the U.K. click on main video presented to you for a real view MBT in action, and then scroll down to the end of the page and click on the video of the guy with the Red hard hat on, for a good view and commentary on a MBT and composting plant. The comment at the end that the MBT processed compost can be used for farming is incorrect as it can only be used for land reclamation.

Only Brown bin Food Waste separately collected and composted can be used in Agriculture, it’s just a reporter getting it wrong as backed up by the company when we contacted them over it, but he meant well.