It will make a difference to your pocket as you pay more for the Black bins collection.

Also as each bin is micro chipped a record of its use or lack of will be recorded by the Refuse Collection Company. A recording of non use by a household will be noted and can be forwarded to the Councils enforcement section, as it is now the responsibility of every household to prove that it is using the Brown bin when issued with one, or prove the ability to home compost. Your Brown bin is your only means to control your refuse costs as here in Ireland County Councils have almost all pulled out of Refuse collection, and we are all at the mercy of Private collectors. Learn to use your Brown bin correctly, and don’t contaminate its contents e.g. hide rubbish inside the Brown bin, you will lose out in the long run if collectors refuse to collect Food Waste because of this. Your details will be noted and shared with other refuse collectors so moving collector will not make any difference. It will be reported to your local Council and enforcement officers will call to you and issue a fine. Use an Aerated Kitchen Caddy and Compostable liners and keep at least 30% of volume out of your Black bin and so save on the ever increasing rates that will be applied to you for its collection. In addition you are protecting the jobs in the Composting industry and helping to create even more, it could be your job.