At present we have sufficient capacity to compost the Food Waste that is generated in the selected areas it was rolled out in. Providing infrastructure to deal with the Food Waste from the further roll out Nationwide will be part of the logistical challenge but very doable and will create much needed employment especially in construction. In the North of Ireland since the Renewable Obligations Certificates were launched, there have been nearly 80 planning applications to build mostly on farm Anaerobic Digestion plants. Of these applications approximately 30 have received full planning permission to date. These Anaerobic Digestion plants can take in Food Waste locally and turn it into Electricity to sell back into the National Grid. The U.K has circa 70 of these plants whereas in Germany there are over 7000 dotted all over the country. Compost is still the end product to be used for landscaping and farming locally. Watch this video link to see the process.