This was always deemed to be a negative urban myth put out there to scupper the efforts of the previous County Councils and environmentally conscious private refuse collectors alike in promoting the use of the Brown bin. However such an event did take place In County Kildare Sept/2012 , was videoed, put up on youtube, and even the County Councils name was still visible on the side of the operators truck. It was then reported on in the papers and on the radio, which did not help to dispute the previous rumours that were out there.

The truth is that even with this unbelievable mix up it is impossible for anyone to dump Waste Food at a Legal Landfill site, as under E.U. and Irish legislation and their licensing controls Food waste is not permitted.

It must be processed as in composted and may then be landfilled, but at a cost to its supplier. The Video you are about to see suggests that the truck did not have separate compartments for the waste, in fact it did just the people feeding the truck well, judge for yourself,