At Brown Bin Rescue we are passionate about addressing the problems associated with Household Food Waste collection and storage, and the environmental issues associated with it also. Selling the products required to achieve this at low cost, and direct to the householder with added value e.g. bin wash service, we believe is paramount in achieving harmony between the household and its Brown bin.

But aside from selling products we are also passionate in delivering the education required as demanded by the E.U. through research and our own family and friends experience’s, and recorded on this site. In addition we believe that it is important for people young and old to understand the process involved with waste, its new and brighter future in Ireland especially with job creation, so that you can make responsible decisions with your waste reduction and disposal to save on costs and help save the environment for our own kids.

This initiative promoted by Brown Bin Rescue must and will be driven by YOU the householders of Ireland as you strive to minimise your waste and costs for its removal, and not by the refuse collectors.

Thank you for supporting Brown Bin Rescue, and 3 other Irish companies plus our Italian colleague, and helping to secure our jobs and hopefully more too as we all continue to grow with your continued support.