Yes they do, now that the legislation has changed requiring all premises from your office tea station, to school canteens, to full size restaurants to separate their Food Waste and have it collected separately too.

Unilever the association for Restaurants in Ireland initiated the first steps in creating awareness and responsibility for restaurants in Ireland with Food Waste, and from its survey these were some of the findings.

Irish restaurants throw away almost 64,000 tonnes of food waste a year, resulting in a loss of €125m.

  • 53% of food wasted in restaurants is generated during preparation
  • Out of home, Irish diners are most responsible for food waste (65%)
  • 48% of people surveyed admitting to over-ordering  and  leaving food behind
  • Average waste per Irish restaurant is 4.5 tonnes annually, costing €8,840 a year.
  • 34% of diners blame portion sizes as reason for leaving food on their plate.

Link to full report here.