Yes below are figures from the European Commission outlining how severe the problem is and what sector is mostly to blame, so not surprisingly its us the Households owners and renters.

Food wastage figures

Current wastage in EU27: 89 million tonnes per annum (i.e. 179 kg per capita)

Projection for 2020 (if no action is taken): 126 million tonnes (i.e. a 40% increase)

Responsibility for food waste:

  • Households: 42% (60% of which is avoidable)
  • Manufacturers: 39%
  • Retailers: 5%
  • Catering sector: 14%

(Source: European Commission) And Ray Colgan RTE’s European Parliament Reporter our source, thanks Ray. Full report here.

Yes of course it can be and it is created by bad storage, over estimation of quantity cooked, not being sold on time, excessive purchases at supermarkets when not using a list etc etc. With careful planning of food purchases with a list, planning of daily weekly meals and correct storage Food Waste quantities can be seriously reduced.

Our Focus On Food Waste Tab gives you practical ideas to help you devise such a plan and save you a lot over a year. The European Parliament in 2012 asked the European Union to devise methods to REDUCE the PRODUCTION of Food Waste, not its treatment as waste and pointed to education of the household’s in its reduction as the key to its success. We at Brown Bin Rescue are happy to be providing this education to both the households that have Brown bins and to those that have yet to get them.