No not at all it is all done inside a purpose built and County Council Certified mobile unit. The Bin Wash mobile unit will lift and wash out any Brown Bin, that has been just emptied by a refuse collector. Even if the bin has nasty Gunge stuck to its floor, and believe me most Brown Bin’s have, it will be washed out leaving you with a shiny good as new Brown Bin, and the Sludge stays in the mobile unit so no mess is left behind. If you live in a pay by weight lift area, that Gunge will be charged to you every time it is lifted. Avoid rogue operators offering this service with just a cold water power hose, as often the contents of the bin are just washed into a street surface Shore, attracts vermin, spreads infection especially with children playing, and a highly illegal practice attracting large fines from Local Councils if reported. See Wheelie Clean in action cleaning a Green bin but its all the same.