Each County Council had its own way of charging for the Brown bin waste, and private companies in competition had to either mirror that charging system or charge less to compete with the councils for customers.

Fingal sensibly offered the Brown bin collection for free in order to encourage households to use it, but did charge a management fee which was accepted as a indirect charge for the Brown bins collection.

The benefit of this system was that households put the Brown bin out for collection regularly every 2 weeks as was free.

One private collector offered a flat rate with no management charge so its customers had no incentive to use the Brown bin, and the company did not have to deal with huge amounts of segregated Food Waste as a result.

This system suited household that did not want the inconvenience of separating Food Waste and depositing it into their Black bin sealed up in Plastic bags reduced the problem with odours, and flies.

Brown Bin Rescue has witnessed the success of free Brown bin scheme in action in Fingal for many years, fully supports it and will continue to campaign for this to be the national standard.