Phil Hogan TDYes resulting from the releasing of the National Waste document ‘A Resource Opportunity‘ on July 25th 2012 by the then Minister of the  Department of the Environment,Community, & Local Government Mr Phil Hogan T.D. all households within a defined populated area of 500 and above were to be issued with a kerbside Brown bin Food Waste service by 2016.

Pay By WeightCurrent Minister Alan Kelly’s planned introduction of Pay by Weight aimed at addressing his disgust with the refuse industries apparent Race to the Bottom, will not alone ensure that all domestic waste will be collected and billed by weight as opposed to per bin collected, but that every household will receive a Brown bin as part of the operators license. Households that do not have space or are of such a design where a Wheelie bin cant be used will have to continue with a single clear bag for all waste.

Brown Bin Rescue are currently working on a project that hopefully will provide these households with a strong clear compostable bag so that they too can segregate their food waste from their one bag of mixed waste and pay less as a result. We will keep you informed of developments in this very exciting project going forward 13-02-2015.