I have been using your aerated mini bin and paper bag for a couple of months now and am, on the whole, pleased with the result. Our mini bin sits within a bigger empty bin as part of a in built kitchen unit.

While I appreciate the ‘environmental’ superiority of the paper bags, I find them just a little too small and a bit messy to use cooking for a busy family. So I am thinking of ordering a year’s supply of the Cornstarch green liners with ‘tie’ handles.

Susan Mulholland, Castleknock, Dublin
Hi Denis…
Thank you for your prompt reply. Yes, we do have the 240L bags and I’m sorry for disturbing you before actually checking the bin bag myself.
I think my husband may have been too timid when stretching the bag across the rim of the bin. I tried it again and gave it a good stretch this time…it fits perfectly.
Ann Burrow

Yeah Ann our E2E resin bags are the only answer to City bin’s exceptionally large top opening wheelie bins and also the 140’s for the crazy amount of designs out there of wheelie bins.
Get that hubby of yours on some tins of Spinach!
Denis Lawlor.

Ann Burrow, Galway, City
I had bought the Obeo bags but went Googling to find a cheaper alternative and up Brown Bin Rescue came! I Was delighted to find you plus I liked the idea of the bin as well. The video was helpful as I wasn’t sure the bag would fit in the bin initially!

When searching I used brown paper compost waste bags Ireland I think. The service so far great and super to be able to get a whole load at once and be organised!

Eva Gaynor
Brown Bin Rescue have been a real asset to the Foyle Food Group. The supply of high quality liners alongside the continued help and support from Denis has been a fantastic experience.

This company has facilitated our waste streaming onsite allowing us to achieve our goal of Zero Waste to Landfill.

I would recommend them time and again for not only their expertise but their professionalism and ability to advise on related issues

Aoife, Environmental Officer, Foyle Food's Group, Donegal
Thank you for posting on the aerated caddy, bin liners and spray so quickly. You have thoroughly done your homework and your customers are benefiting.

Having used an air tight kitchen caddy before, I can confidently say that the aerated caddy is a simple and ingenious design which no kitchen should be without.

Since using the brown bin, the difference in weight to my black bin output has been huge.

Mary McMahon, East Wall, Dublin 3
I am very happy with my bin, it’s great and bags for the wheelie bin are great also. Thank you again – looking forward to my other bin coming, it’s for my daughter, I told her how good my bin is.
Kathleen O'Neill, Douglas Cork
It has been great and so much easier to use my composter, and I shared some bags with my mom – no more complaints from her about using the Brown bin. The bin, bags and spray make it so easy to be “green”, pop the bin liner in and you are all set.

One place to collect all the composter or brown bin material, fill it up and one visit to empty it. It does take me longer than the average family to fill but by using the Nova-q.com odour control Enviro-Chem spray, there is no smell from the bin – 1/2 sprays does it, even during the recent good weather the bin was totally odour free!

I would recommend the products to everyone – makes life easier and being “green” hassle free!

Susan O’Grady, BOI, Stillorgan, Dublin
I have been using the caddy and GreenSax that we bought from you at the Marlay park market for some weeks now. They are great products. We have significantly reduced the waste in our black bin.

The GreenSax are easy to use, the Aerated caddy is very discreet and secure, and I find that there is no residue in the caddy so it stays totally clean. I’ll be coming back to you for my next six months’ supply and have recommended it to my family.

Thank you for a super addition to our kitchen! Denis, We’re in D6 and I’m more than happy for you to use my comments as a testimonial on your site.

Deirdre Ní Fhloinn, Dublin 6
Having now used the Aerated caddy and the liners for a few weeks we are amazed with the caddy’s performance, and delighted with the complete absence of nasty odours in our kitchen.

Even the feature of the handle locking the caddy, is super as it prevents our very active little lad from opening it.

The liners we have used before, but did have to wash the bin out after using them due to residue on bins internal walls. Now with the Aerated caddy we no longer have to do that, and as you pointed out correctly we are only disposing of the liner when full so a very welcome financial saving, and a clever labour saving device.

Dave Coleman, Crumlin, Dublin
I am delighted to pen an appraisal on the products I ordered online from Brown Bin Rescue. I was between two minds with whether to use the brown bin or not, and to be honest chose not to as I had seen bins being presented for collection, and some were just vile between odours and worms / flies I just couldn’t countenance such a move. Having requested and received a sample 240 litre brown bin liner from you we tried it and found it very useful. The liner was a really tight fit on the rim and over the following two weeks quite a significant level of food waste was deferred from our black bin.

The numerous trips we were making to the brown bin seriously influenced our decision to invest in your Aerated caddy, and this has been such a welcome addition to our kitchen for collecting food waste. Placing the order on line was straight forward with GreenSax products definitely costing less than in local supermarket, nice to get free post too and package arrived two days after ordering with An Post.

I am delighted to have made the change and am informing all my friends and family, but without the products you provide I most certainly would never have gone down this road.

Thank you for providing excellent Irish products at low cost, and making it easy for us to now use the brown bin.

Kathleen Hunt, Ranelagh, Dublin