Are you a Chef or Commercial Kitchen Manger who’s Struggling with:

  • Management and Segregation of Food Waste?
  • Lose Waste Restrictions in Brown wheelie bin’s
  • Rising refuse charges?

Brown Bin Rescue’s New Max Strength Compostable Food Waste bag can resolve all of your Food Waste issues

Take Out Trash

This new Compostable bag:

  • Is strong enough to hold 15kg of Food Waste.
  • Is temp resistant to 70′.
  • Is waterproof.
  • Is clear so contents are easily seen.
  • Comes with its own pedal operated In House bin.
  • End’s all issues with lose waste in Brown wheelie bin’s.
  • Brown bin capacity maximised with bagged waste.

Check Out Video Of Max Strength Bag In Action Here.

Food Waste segregated using this Max Strength Compostable bag:

  • Is easily moved In House.
  • A Brown wheelie bin can be filled to its Max.
  • Brown bin Stays Clean.
picture of a wheelie bin filled with waste.

Bonus for Dublin businesses

Any Dublin business that uses Brown Bin Rescue’s Compostable bag, can enjoy a further saving of 20% on its other refuse costs.

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