I was delighted to hear that the Chinese president in waiting Mr Xi Jinping                ( pronounced SHE GIN PING)  is expected to visit Ireland for four days and to visit a Dairy farm while here. He is of a farming background and it is reported that he is looking at opportunities to invest in both Agricultural and Dairy farming. It was reported on the RTE news today that China has come to realise the quality and demand world wide for Irish food and so wishes to invest heavily in this sector. This could be a fantastic opportunity for investment in Compost facilities to organically nourish, replenish the soil to guarantee Ireland’s image as an Organic farm base and to also export this product / process to China. On the news it was reported that China favors a two way investment in any deal it does.

With our recession and lack of venture capital encouraging China to invest in this technology would bring much needed employment and probably eliminate our dependency on land fill for good.

Denis Lawlor.