Political Posturing over Pay x Weight bin charges.

Pay x Weight or else! Pay x Weight ! Considering it took the current Fianna Fáil / Fine Gael minority led government just 60 days to come to an agreement to try to run the country following the general election in February, it is amazing that they could agree to disagree on [...]

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New Minister for The Environment

New Minister for The Environment, Community and Local Govrnment. Mr Alan Kelly TD. Cré Conference on September 8th 2014 “Race to The Bottom” In Waste Collection has to End – Minister Kelly Speaking at the Environment Ireland Conference, Croke Park, Thursday, Sept 11th, 2014, Minister Kelly said, “I am an advocate of competition for the [...]

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Hogan’s New Waste Policy focuses on Waste Prevention

"The less waste people produce, the less they will have to pay" said Minister Hogan. This was what Minister Hogan said on July 12th 2012 at the launch of the Governments new waste policy docment ' A Resourse Opportunity' and incentivisation by refuse collectors to make it cost effective for households to segregate their waste [...]

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Newsletter Stop Food Waste

Brown Bin Rescue cant offer its visitor's any further issues of Stop Food Waste newsletter as none is currently being produced. However they are on Twitter @Stop_Food_Waste. L.A.P.N or Local Authority Prevention Network is a cooperative programme between the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Waste Prevention Programme and local authorities in Ireland. LAPN aims to build capacity in local authorities [...]

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Full Steam Ahead for Pay by Weight in Leitrim county.

Leitrim co.co. retains its Pay by Weight for Households, heralding it a real success. In the Leitrim Observer News a report on Leitrim co co retaining its Pay by Weight for its Households domestic refuse collection, heralding is as a great success will no doubt be used by the department of Environment Community and Local [...]

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