Pay by Weight update

On January 12th meeting previously sought with Philip Nugent principal officer at the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Governmet (DECLG) took place in Customs House Dublin. In view of the confusing messages from some refuse collectors even in the first week in January, I urged Philip to meet with me and Martin Hayes [...]

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Pay by Weight meeting!

I have been seeking a meeting with Department of Environment,Community and Local Government Mr Philip Nugent Principal Officer - Waste Policy and Resourse Efficiency - without success, to discuss the impending legislation on household refuse collections which will see the introduction of Pay by Weight on July 1st 2015. The legislation will be passed in early January [...]

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2015 International year of the Soil

Our soils are in danger because of expanding cities, deforestation, unsustainable land use and management practices, pollution, overgrazing and climate change. The current rate of soil degradation threatens the capacity to meet the needs of future generations. As long as soils are at risk, sustainable agriculture, food security and the provision of ecosystem services are [...]

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In the UK in conjunction with 'Love Food Hate Waste' have produced three 2 minute video's to highlight the modern issues in the home, or flat relating to food waste and unnecessary spending at the supermarket. Note the Aerated caddy on the worktop in Tonys house in the first video, this is available exclusively from [...]

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North London Waste Authority (NLWA)

The NLWA ran a Food Waste Challenge with 12 Households to try to reduce their food waste production by 38% and save £'s off their food bill too. Reducing food waste 'could save £50 per month' [Loakes] Councillor Clyde Loakes, Chair of the NLWA, commented: “These amazing results make it clear that the average north London household [...]

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Ploughing Championships 2013

From left Denis Lawlor Brown Bin Rescue and MEP Mairead McGuinness. Delighted to meet up with our MEP for Agriculture Mairead McGuinness at the Ploughing Championships in New Ross. Mairead has supported the Brown Bin Rescue project from the beginning, and welcomes the recent changes to the National Waste regulations requiring the separation of Food [...]

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