Now Brown Bins for everyone in the Audience country wide!

Like them or loathe them but as a welcome result of Minister for the Environment Mr Phil Hogan publishing the New Household Waste Policy, every house in an area of reasonable population size yet to be agreed on, will have to use one as demanded by the EU.

Each household will have to separate its food waste from general waste, prove it is using a recognised refuse collector or that it has other means eg home composter to deal with its own food waste.
This has the potential to support the creation of jobs and add value in alternative treatment for this material, with a view to the achievement of the ultimate goal of virtually eliminating landfill.

But before you start to Tut! Tut! continuing to use your Brown bin will save you quite a bit of money as the cost of the Black bin will continue to soar due to increasing Land fill rates and Gate fees ( fees paid to put waste in) at proposed Incinerator at Poolbeg in Ringsend Dublin.

Using Brown Bin Rescue’s Irish designed products delivered to your door at the lowest cost, will make it easy for you to live happily with your Brown bin and with no nasty Odours.

Here is a link to the report on the New Policy just scroll down to the heading Recycling.,30729,en.pdf