Macerator’s a No No.

The Brown Bin continues to be rolled out across the country, and the latest council to push it is Louth County Council.  just in case any household thinks that this is just another bin that you can choose to take up on or not, well a fine of €4000 and or Court appearance for non compliance answers that question. For households that use Macerators e.g. the blender that attaches to under the kitchen sink to get rid of food waste, well their time is up too in fact they are banned all along the Leinster coast line. The new regulations introduction makes it an offence for food waste to be placed into the Black bin from now on once the Brown Bin is issued to a household. See this paragraph from the councils statement. Image

“Under these regulations, those who place their food waste in the residual ‘Black’ bin or use a Macerator or other shredding device to dispose of food waste, will be deemed to be in non-compliance with the legislation and may be subject to a fine of €4000 or court proceedings”, according to Raymond Mc Kenna, Senior Engineer with Louth County Council.

Although the council do not have the manpower to check every home that may have a Macerator, should a problem in the sewer e.g. a fats build, up lead their inspectors back to a properties outlet then the full liabilities will be costed to that property.