This morning Catherine Thomas filling in for John Murray on his RTE 1 radio show interviewed Mr George Sharpson Fingal’s principle Environment Health Officer,in Fingal Co.Co. as to what the number one complaint registered with the council is. The answer not surprisingly is (Illegal) Back Yard Burning of Refuse which is on the increase, as households struggle to avoid or reduce payments for refuse collection. This will not only be a Fingal problem but will be Nationwide, and as the Brown bins are rolled out over the next 4 Years across the country they really have to be free of a tariff the same as the Green bins if they are going to be successful.
Households here in Fingal where it is free put it out for collection every 2 weeks as is free, but in Dublin city centre with just a €2 charge it is held back resulting in unnecessary build up of nasty rotting food smells.
Line your Brown bin put it out often and reduce what you put into your Black bin and this problem will be seriously reduced.
See for advice on how to do this.
Listen to the show moving to the 38th minute segment.!rii=9%3A3392014%3A4502%3A14%2D09%2D2012%3A