No Food Waste Odour.

Brown Bin Rescue exclusively imports this Aerated Caddy from Mattiussi in Italy which allows the compostable liners it houses to breathe.

During our research we found that most households want any food waste generated to be removed on a daily basis. Storing food waste in a solid bin or caddy immediately creates an odour once it is partially or fully sealed.

We sourced this amazing yet simple Aerated kitchen caddy from Mattiussi in Italy, which ends the issue of storing food waste in any kitchen.

How it works.

Allowing the air and the heat in the home to travel through the liner via the slots in the Aerated caddy drastically reduces the moisture held in the food waste, and so ‘no smells’ occur as it is the moisture that creates the environment for the rot and nasty odour to take place.

Brown Bin Rescue offers this fantastic Aerated Caddy for sale online.