The ongoing understandable war between Greyhound waste collection firm in Dublin and the new incumbent City Bin, has seen the intro City bin offer of €99 for all 3 bins now being undercut by €20 by Greyhound who have targeted customers it has lost to City Bin as reported in the Evening Herald earlier this week. 

I am not going to go on about this really ridiculous situation whether its between 2, 3 or 4 refuse collectors, no I want to come back to the Licencee’s of these operators and the requirements of the Governments long awaited and just published national Waste regulations entitled ‘A resource Opportunity’.

I would be here forever if i was to go into all that the report covers but the prime area of concern and with the ink not even dry on the new policy is in relation to encouraging households to segregate their waste. Now charging the same rate for all three bins does quite the opposite, and not only does the Brown bin suffer, but the Green bin does too as many households now legally deposit everything into their Black bin,and  why not sure the price is the same regardless. On the Navan road Dublin 7 today it was so obvious that outside the households that had the Red Coloured City Bins only one bin was presented for collection with a Black lid, where as almost all the other households with the alternative refuse collector/s had both their Black bin and their Green bin out for collection.

The excerpt from the new Governments ‘ A Resource Opportunity‘ on page 30 reads        

 specifically, the government will introduce the following range of measures:31

4.3 Policy Measures and Actions

4.3.1 Waste Collection

• Through collection permits issued under a strengthened permitting system, waste collectors will be required to:

• manage the waste collected in accordance with the waste hierarchy and in a manner supportive of the development of a resource efficient and sustainable approach to the management of waste;

• deliver mandated service levels; and

• operate pricing structures designed to incentivise environmentally sustainable behaviours by households in terms of waste reduction and segregation.

So who is going to correct this situation before all collectors loose the run of themselves cutting each others throats with lower and lower prices, with standards falling accordingly but most of all the loss of recyclable material in the process.